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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2010-2011 Hairstyles Trendy Haircuts

Every year, hairstyles come and hairstyles go. In 2011 hairstyles was all about the bob hairstyles, whether long hairstyles, short hairstyles or somewhere in between. 2011 Celebrity were wearing short hairstyles, often with bangs and sometimes with beehives, a tall updo that added height and flare, especially for fancier affairs. Other hairstyles were sleek.

Short hairstyles 2011

Some of the popular 2011 hairstyles were short hair styles, but the one that was most likely the favorite was the bob. The bob is so versatile, and much can be done with it to alter its look.
Cute short hairstyles are ideal during 2011 summer when taking care of hair is of utmost importance. There are the boy haircuts, short bob haircuts, angled bob haircuts, slightly wavy short haircuts, you can choose one which matches your face and persona accurately.

 Medium hairstyles 2011
 2011-2012 Medium length hairstyles had flair with big bouncy curly hairstyles. Some women preferred tighter and smaller curly hair that lifted the hair above the shoulders. These styles were perfect for a simple everyday look.
Demure curls also look romantic, on medium hairstyles hair in 2011-2012, demure curls give a girly look without looking too cutesy. The curls look good at the ends of long hair, with sleek and straight at the top on the crown of the head and then tumbling curls falling over the shoulders.

Long hairstyles 2011

Having hairstyles with long hair style is becoming more and more popular due to the trend of waves in 2010-2011.
2010-2011 Long hairstyles seems to make a comeback with really nice natural wave with a little bit of volume to it, so the hair is very light, very understated, nothing too over-the-top-just kind of sexy, but controlled and nice and light.

2011 Curls & Color

Waves and curls were seen often in 2011. Women with natural curly hair were the lucky ones, since they had no use for the hot curlers or the jumbo curling irons.
Hair color gives an extra dimension to any hairstyle and in 2011 we are seeing lots of lovely red shades giving warmth and shine to styles. Lowlights, highlights and full color shades can make the world of diference to your hair. Choose carefully depending on your complexion, as if you are prone to pinkness in the face, too much red in the hair can be a mistake. Multi tonal color really works well on most hair, giving a natural look and giving a light catching effect from many directions.