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Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011 Black African/American Hairstyle

As 2011 approaches there are many african american and black hair trends on the rise. In fact this year we’ll be seeing a little bit of everything in the black community. One of the biggest trends is going natural and wearing natural textured hair. Many African American woman are embracing their natural textures by cutting off their relaxed hair and wearing twa’s ( teenie weenie afros). Since the natural hairstyles are so popular this year we’ll also being seeing many big haired hairstyles such as big curl styles and thick wavy looks. Big hair is definitely in season.
2011 Black / African American Hairstyles and Hair Trends
For those that aren’t going natural this year color seems to be a bring trend as well. Bold hues are hitting the scenes in the form of bright colors or highlights of bright colors such as reds, blues and greens. This trend can be worn by both relaxed and natural African Americans. Two toned colored hair is also very popular and seen by Keri Hilson and many other celebrities. Short hairstyles such as the mushroom cut and the pixie are also making a comeback. Look below to see some of the hottest styles for 2011.