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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Justin Bieber Pays $750 For His Signature Hair Cut

Justin Bieber spends roughly $750 for his signature hair cut — every couple of weeks. Can you imagine spending that kind of cash on your hair on a regular basis? Sheesh, some people don’t make that every two weeks, let alone have enough to set that aside for hair care.

That’s about $18,000 a year just on his mop! And that’s just on the cut itself, too, nevermind the gratuity or the products that he purchases for keeping his sideswept ‘do swoon-worthy to his Beliebers.
The stylist responsible for creating Bieber’s hair in 2009, Vanessa Price, says that she makes house calls and charges him $750 a pop. Wow, so that may take her about an hour to do, if that, and she’s raking in more than some people you know just to cut this teenager’s hair.
The world is messed up like that.