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Monday, February 14, 2011

Wedding hair trends 2011

One of the big issues for any bride is ‘what to do with my hair’. Do you grow it? Leave as is? When do you need to decide? Does the style go with your dress? SO MANY QUESTIONS!
We’re going to be giving you some help with wedding hairstyles in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, to start us off, how about a look at the latest wedding hair trends for 2011
If your hair is long, you need to decide between an updo, leaving it down or a half and half look.

 One of the big wedding hair trends for 2011 is keeping your hair completely away from your face. It’s total exposure, but creates a very elegant look and is perfect for people with good bone structure and fits a lot of different wedding dress styles. The latest look in this vein is the beehive. Feminine but funky (I’m here and I’ve got hairrr!), you can really show off your vintage look with this style.