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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Short Hair Style Menthod

While long hair styles were the preferred norm, by men as well as women, at one time, in the modern era, short hair styles for women are regarded as trendy and practical by most people of both the genders. Moreover short hair is much easier to maintain and is therefore preferred by people of all age groups. Short hair normally refers to a hair length that is above the ears or shoulders. There are a variety of short hair styles that a person could opt for nowadays, which range from a simple to bob to bangs or fringes.

Unfortunately, short hairstyles do not suit everybody. Therefore, before opting for a short hair cut, factors like the texture and thickness of the hair, the shape of the face and the feasibility of maintaining the hairstyle need to be taken into consideration. Of course, other factors like skin tone, the color of the eyes as well as the overall health and personality of the person do make a difference as well. The advantages of maintaining short hair styles are –

Shorter hair is much easier to maintain, as compared to long hair. Short hairstyles look a lot more chic, trendy and elegant and therefore, can help you stand out from the crowd and make a style statement. While playing games or participating in various sporting activities, short hair styles are more convenient, as the hair is easier to control and therefore, it interferes the least. They are also most apt for the summer season. Short hair styles could accentuate the looks and especially the facial features of a person. Fashion accessories like earrings or neck pieces or even something like a tattoo on the neck can be highlighted with the help of shorter hair styles.

Some of the most popular short hair styles for women are the boy cut or a crop, the pixie cut, the short shag cut, the blunt cut, the point haircut, the wedge cut and the bed-hair haircut, just to name a few. Before opting for short hair styles cuts that you are not too sure about, it is best to check a computer simulation of your face, with a particular hairstyle, which has now become a regular service offered by most leading hair salons and parlors. This will reduce the probability of you getting a bad or an undesired haircut, as you have the option of choosing the hair style that you think suits you.