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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Split End Treament

Split end is more commonly seen in long hair as compared to short hair. Good hair care and maintenance is the only solution to it. Our scalp contains natural oils, as our hair grows, these natural oils fails to reach the hair ends. Hair ends get old once they are around 4 inches. As the hair grows the protective layer of the hair known as cuticle is damaged and the medulla and cortex, the inner layer of the hair fray. Split in the hair can occur anywhere in the hair but mostly occurs at the end.

Dry and brittle ends due to over exposure to sun, varieties of chemicals, relaxers, over heated hair dryer etc results in split ends. Never use poor quality brushes and combs especially one with sharp ends. You need to take extra care of your hair if they are naturally prone to split ends care. Some people may be reluctant to cut split ends because they want to grow their hair. But this could create problems because split ends drop off and continue to split backwards towards the scalp at a faster rate than hair can grow. This will fetch you short hair instead of long hair. To avoid all these split ends related problem trim your hair regularly.

There are products available in the market to seal split ends. Conditioner is very important especially if your hair is longer than 4 inches. Shampooing regularly with chemical based shampoo and swimming in chlorinated water will lead to dry and itchy scalp and split ends. Avoid your hair from drying out. Always wear a hat when you step out in a scorching sun or windy day. Always treat your hair as if you would care for your fine fabric. Never rub harshly your wet hair, this can cause harm to the cuticle.